June 22, 2011


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This is a simple GTK program for openbox which calls on the shutdown and pmi commands to either shutdown or hibernate a laptop or tablet computer. It is released under the GPL version 3 licence. I accept no responsibility for …

July 18, 2009

Using Dropbox with Rox filer

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Dropbox is an easy way to share and store your files online and it is compaible with Linux, Windows(NT kernels) and Mac OS X. The only thing that would keep me from using dropbox is that it’s geared towards nautilus …

May 25, 2009

DVD to streamable mp4 on Ubuntu 9.04

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This guide is intended to explain how to encode a DVD to a streamable mp4 codec under Ubuntu with ffmpeg.

Get Deps

The first thing you need to do is get the dependencies, you can do this with the following command;

sudo apt-get …

March 7, 2009

Getting sound to work with the age of empires 2 no-cd patch

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Edit: updated
Righty ho,

So I’ve been told by many of my readers that this guide is crazy.

Well yeah I sort of a agree but the solutions that they are suggesting are very manual, using a media player would require that you …

January 14, 2009

Using mod rewrite to create virtual directories

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We all like mod rewrite and the clean urls that it gives but what if you are starting out with this whole rewirte stuff and you want to integrate it into your web application? well there are some simeple ways …

November 30, 2008

Video on your blog with flowplayer wordpress plugin

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Download .zip

Download .bz2

About the plugin

This plugin adds flowplayer to your wordpress blog, it comes pre-configured and is very easy to use.
all you need is the location of the video and …

November 29, 2008

Vector RSS Buttons

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Blogs first post, So please excuse the messy theme :). Recently I was working on a plugin for an open source project and found some images that I wanted to use as part of that project, I wanted the license …

November 28, 2008

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!